1. Coincidence—Or Psychic Phenomenon?

    jake on 2006.09.19
    at 04:23 pm

    Emma Watson as Hermione GrangerToday… is Hermione Granger birthday. Happy birthday, you fictional character you. Although my reading list is too young to display any Harry Potter books I am indeed a fan.

    Tomorrow is my friend Meredith’s birthday. Happy—preemptive—Birthday Mer! She too is a Harry Potter fan. In fact Meredith was the first person I was able to discuss Book 6 controversial events.

    The funny part that at least I enjoy explaining to people involving me, Meredith, and a couple (they’re twins) mutual friends invloving Harry Potter. Sometimes the story comes off as interesting. Other times I recieve blank stares that can mean only one thing, “you need to get out more.”

    All of us have birthdays right after the three primary characters from the series. The twins, Liz and Jess, have the date right after Harry Potter, August 1st. And I have the date right after Ron Weasley, March 2nd.

    Naturally you can draw other lines between everyone in that I am a ginger and Meredith has a big brain and frizzy hair. Sorry Mer. ;)

    I’ve just always found these to be a fun little group of facts. How did J.K. Rowling come up with the dates? Are Liz and Jess going to save the wizarding world? Should I whine and be overly concerned about everything?

    I get out plenty! :P

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