1. Why you don't wanna go swimming in Newtown Creek

    jake on 2006.09.29
    at 06:24 pm

    Amanda Congdon has started a road trip across the US to reach LA and her new job. It’s not a huge surprise that she’s using the Internet to podcast her experiences.

    This past week she had a couple of pieces (one seems to be from a sponsor on Newtown Creek and cleaning up the water in NY. It’s frankly appaling that companies can continue to pollute the water in such a manner. It was bad enough that they were allowed to dump and let run off damage bodies of water. But aren’t there laws today that prevent more pulluting?

    Anyone looking for another reason to boycot ExxonMobil?

    p.s. This is the first thing I’ve ever posted to digg (Newtown Creek (Video from Amanda Across America)). As of right now it has a whopping one digg (besides my automatic increment).

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    1. Don Schenck said on 2006.10.09 at 06:16 pm

      It's ...



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