1. A "Horrible" Halloween (Constructing Dr. Horrible)

    jake on 2008.11.11 at 06:28 pm

    Dr. Horrible PosterOrganizing a costume this year was a bit of a chore. Especially when the best idea presented was given to me two weeks before Halloween… And a week before a costume party in Salem. However Dr. Horrible was too good to pass up. I relished in the stress of putting the costume together.

    The majority of components were fairly easy to procure online. The only issue was expediting the shipping from so many vendors. Getting everything by Friday made it worth the extra cost. The following is exact pieces.

    The most difficult part was the lab coat. The only (relatively) close Halloween costume out there was a bust, no one had it in stock. After falling short on some custom costume web sites I tried Ebay. Paul Pape Designs was auctioning a good quality replica. It fit perfectly and really brought the look together. They shipped it overnight and can’t be thanked enough.

    Next year hopefully an idea will formulate well before the holiday. But even if I can’t decide I’ll always have the great Dr. Horrible to come back to.

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  2. Steampunk Star Wars Figures

    jake on 2008.04.14 at 02:16 pm

    The art style referred to as steampunk has picked up momentum via the Internet. Merlin Mann even poked fun at the subculture recently with his steampunk penis pump video. Regardless how you feel about the movement it’s difficult to argue the end product cannot be beautiful. Go take a look at Sillof’s Workshop and the action figures he’s created. Including these reimaginings of Star Wars characters.

    Steampunk Star Wars Action Figures


    Via Gizmodo.

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  3. A bit of nostalgia: HBO's Intro from the eighties.

    jake on 2008.03.25 at 02:03 pm

    When I was growing up and couldn’t afford “instant video cassettes” there was always the VCR and movies on HBO. It enabled my brother and I to watch Spaceballs every day for months. For years there was the familiar orchestrated intro panning over a city.

    The following video is a behind the scenes look into how the intro was created. Enjoy the terrible 80’s music contrasting the original orchestra.

    Originally discovered at goldenfiddle.

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  4. The art of the goalie mask

    jake on 2007.07.14 at 05:54 pm

    Over the years the goaltender position in hockey has arguably had the largest change in equipment. Especially when considering the protection of the head region. From the days of Terry Sawchuk, when they didn’t even wear helmets, to the modern gear, that resembles ancient armor, the goalie’s quest for retaining teeth has constantly evolved.

    Once your face is almost entirely hidden it only makes sense that you’d want to distinguish yourself in some other way. Like the ancient warriors who ornamented their helms most modern goalie’s have custom paint jobs on their masks.

    Sports Illustrated recently ran a series of photos highlighting thirty-six various tenders and their masks. Along with many interesting paint jobs, like Giguere’s half robot duck, and Jason Bacashihua’s homage to Jason, you get Hasek’s continual use of a classic design, now with paint.

    Via Digg

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  5. Art Is or Versus Design?

    brian on 2007.03.05 at 10:41 am

    My amigo and co-worker Josh Porter has made an interesting post about “Five Principals to Design By” which he’s added to the about page at his website.

    These are for the most part great. But my interpretations of art and design differ significantly.

    It matters very little what observers think or do: the practice of Art doesn’t require them. It is a necessary activity for the artist, and the artist alone.

    The viewer of art is a critical role. I don’t know one artist who has ever made anything (that was going to be seen by any other human) that didn’t consider how someone is going to react to it. In fact, I’d say that the definition of art is creating something that people have a reaction to, thus predicating the viewer, or else art can’t exist. Oxford’s American English Dictionaries defines art in part:

    …producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power

    “To be appreciated” means there needs to be someone to appreciate.

    There are people who only make art for themselves, but in that case, it is themselves who fill the roll as viewer. Without someone to experience art, it’s my belief that art ceases to exist.

    Josh states,

    We marvel at Michelangelo’s David even though we could recreate a million of them because it was the toil and expression of a single man.

    “We marvel” means there’s an audience (the appreciators!). For the a great deal of art from David‘s era, artists made creations for benefactors. If the benefactor didn’t like it, the artist might not again get such a payday and thus couldn’t feed his family.

    Tangentally, I disagree that we could make a million David‘s because art is not merely the physical craft of creating the form of David but its the act of determining the pose, the expression on the face, the materials, how far the work will be progressed (say a bust versus a whole figure). If we recreated the form of David, we’d only be reproducing a portion of the art that Michaelangelo created.

    Again, how art interacts with humans other than the artist is often a critical factor to the work. A part of the work is the reaction that it generates within the viewer. H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds was good art. Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds was great art, extending upon the original work. The reaction is what made it great. Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds was neither.

    Thus, based on my incredibly broad definition of art, design is certainly art. In fact, since the design is art that has an additional purpose beyond beauty or emotional power, I think it is thus a high form of art. Returning to Oxford’s, from the verb definition of “design” we extract that designing is done,

    with a specific purpose or intention in mind

    So, imo, design is art with a specific purpose, utility, or intention in mind…

    A design would be then evaluated upon three factors, it’s utility (it’s ability to fulfill its purpose in being) it’s beauty, and the viewer’s reaction to it (be it emotional or other, for example, if the design is persuasive, does the viewer act upon the message?)

    Take art, add more importance to information transfer and you get to design as a subset of art. That’s my take. After all, there’s a reason design is taught in art schools.

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  6. I hope you're having a Happy Halloween

    jake on 2006.10.31 at 03:38 pm

    It is very difficult figuring out if this is an awesome Halloween or a crappy one. I’m stuck at home sick today. This means I don’t get to dress up later and play Frisbee. It also means I get to watch scary movies all day and keep up the spirit in my Halloween pajama bottoms and a Halloweeny t-shirt.

    Being healthy and playing Frisbee is probably the optimum choice. Especially since it’s a typical cold that lends itself to being feverish and sporting a scratchy throat. If anything I write today sounds silly, just assume it’s the cold medicine.

    Here are some more Halloween themed links for any last minute preparations you might have.

    Have a Super Spooky Halloween!

    So everyone have a wonderful day. Now that The Price is Right is over I can concentrate on relaxing and trying to scare myself.

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  7. It's the most wonderful time of the year...

    jake on 2006.10.15 at 06:59 pm

    The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp, and men with various sharp objects are coming to get you. Halloween is approaching and with it comes all sorts of pumpkin flavored goodies and people playing dress up. I don’t have any reason to dress up this year but I have a beard screaming to be utilized with a costume.

    This year I have been trying to get more in the spirit like I used to. Getting scary movies from Netflix and watching Halloween themed television programming. When I was younger I used to decorate my house even though we were lucky to get ten trick-or-treaters. Now I just clip out interesting pumpkin based recipes.

    Here are some recent links I’ve noticed to help you get in the mood too.

    How is everyone else getting in the mood?

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  8. Manipulating Pumpkins for Halloween

    jake on 2005.10.26 at 02:16 pm

    I’ve always been a big fan of Autumn and Halloween. Naturally a direct result of that is pumpkin love. And cider, oh and dipping apples in caramel… but of course that has nothing to do with pumpkins. Here are some links that include pumpkin love.

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  9. Hi-Fidelity Graphics and Music

    brian on 2005.03.10 at 02:44 am

    This evening, I decided to investigate this group that Mike Gordon has been playing with of late, Benevento-Russo Duo.

    Beautiful website. Has tables, but this isn’t a CSS-P rant. So I followed the “design by” link to Also attractive. No tables in sight. But what made me write this whole entry was the bio section.

    That was worth the price of admission right there. He says he still wants to write a screenplay. I think he’s over looking some great material.

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  10. BMW (Mini) and the iPod

    jake on 2004.06.22 at 01:18 pm

    Mini Cooper ConvertibleI know Brian's the Apple guy but I had to make note of this because of my affinity for Mini. BMW/Mini and Apple are releasing a method for attaching an iPod to some of BMW's cars to listen to your music collection. I have to agree with Engadget with their view of its shortcomings. Hopefully by the time I can afford one of these cars it'll have some of the problems ironed out. I'll keep my fingers crossed they take this all into account when they work on the next audio system for the vehicles.

    Maybe if Apple integrates Bluetooth into the iPod directly, instead of a third party attachment, it can be used with the future implementation of the Mini. That would be friggin' sweet.

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  11. Tab cleanup isle 4

    jake on 2004.06.04 at 03:03 am

    I really gotta post things when I find them.

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  12. Nifty Lampshades

    jake on 2004.04.13 at 11:48 pm

    Installation of lamp shadesI mostly wanted to archive this for my own purposes. I have a nice lamp my grandparents gave me that could use a new lampshade. Moon Shine makes shades and scones and more to spruce up and beautify lamps around your home.

    From Boing Boing

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  13. Paper models

    jake on 2004.03.15 at 07:39 pm

    I found this cool link for paper toys over at Boing Boing. All you need is a printer, some glue and a pair of scissors.

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  14. "I love death" stick figure animation

    jake on 2004.03.04 at 12:15 pm

    A bit crude but "I Love Death" is a well done Flash animation. I didn't have a problem, but it might not be work safe for you.

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  15. Spider-Man Covers

    jake on 2004.02.11 at 05:16 pm

    Cover of Spider-Man ComicAnother great link from Cory at Boing Boing. The Spider-Man Cover Archive. Roughly 4000 covers have been scanned and archived. I have included one from an issue I actually own form when I was younger.

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  16. Pixar and Disney Breakup, pull out the ice cream...

    jake on 2004.01.30 at 12:51 pm

    I've always been a big Disney fan, but hated Michael Eisner. He helped bring about a revolution with Disney films form the early nineties. Then he got greedy and started the company down a horrible path. Now they look like chumps and Pixar is leaving their partnership once the current contract runs out. That partnership was arguably the strongest thing Disney had going for it. Now they not only throwing away their own animation studios, but lost the best 3D studio around. Good job Mike.


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  17. Cool Perspective Chalk Drawings

    jake on 2004.01.21 at 10:34 pm

    A young lady has posted some photos on her livejournal of perspective chalk drawings. They look pretty amazing.

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  18. Origami Creations

    jake on 2003.12.19 at 07:53 pm

    Wizard Origami sculptureBoing Boing showed me to a web site with cool origami sculptures.

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  19. PS3 artwork making rounds as Sony concept

    jake on 2003.12.02 at 05:50 pm

    PS3 artwork by Julien VanhoenackerThis is the first time I have first hand info that a concept piece is fake. It's more annoying than anything else. kanex at GFXartist created a 3D render with Rhino3D and Brazil of what he thought would be a cool looking Playstation 3.

    In the last 24 hours his work has been published in a few different places as a concept image from Sony. Sorry, but this image was created back in July by Julien and I think he should get credit. thinks it's not actually a concept image, but I'd just like to prove that it's not before it makes the rounds even more...

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  20. Interview with Linda Bergkvist about her work in EXPOSÉ 1 book

    jake on 2003.07.10 at 05:39 pm

    Interesting interview where Linda goes through her work in the EXPOSÉ 1 book. I especially found this interesting since I ordered one of these nifty digital art books myself.

    interview [from Gfxartist]

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  21. Exactitudes

    jake on 2003.06.06 at 07:09 pm

    a contraction of exact and attitude

    Begun in 1994 Exactitudes is a photo project where the artists were inspired by the concept of similarities within social groups.

    I've always been amused by how even the social "outsiders" all look alike and act alike a thus are not actually as unique as they claim. When you can buy things that were obscure and commonly found at places like Salvation Army or made by your own hands at a store in the mall, the war is over. You have been assimilated into the Capitalist mainstream culture.

    Exactitudes [from Boing Boing]

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  22. Baghdad for next art field trip?

    jake on 2003.05.09 at 05:11 pm

    New Scientist is reporting that a bunch of artifacts have been returned to the National Museum of Baghdad. We mentioned about how the art was stolen a few weeks ago after the initial taking of Baghdad.

    It is difficult to know exactly what has been returned and what is still out there. Many artifacts were never catalogued or photographed.

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  23. Muppets are coming home

    jake on 2003.05.09 at 02:09 pm

    The family of Jim Henson has put in a successful bid to get back the rights to the majority of his creations. Sold to a German firm in 2000 called EM.TV the properties were threatened when the company began collapsing.

    article (from Boing Boing)

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  24. Baghdad: looters destroy priceless art

    jake on 2003.04.15 at 07:10 pm

    I noticed in the Sunday paper an article from the Washington Post. The main topic of the article describes looters destroying priceless artifacts. Stealing and demolishing pieces of history that were saved from the many bombs going off around Baghdad.

    "This was priceless," she sobbed as she pointed to two seated marble deities from the temple at Harta that had been defaced with a hammer. Later, after observing more damage, she broke down again. "It feels like all my family has died," she wept.

    It is very sad that the troops are having trouble keeping the peace. However, the article also points out that with troops being scattered around a lot seem to be hovering around the Oil Ministry.

    Some Iraqis, however, question the allocation of U.S. forces around the capital. They note a whole company of Marines, along with at least a half-dozen amphibious assault vehicles, has been assigned to guard the Oil Ministry, while many other ministries -- including trade, information, planning, health and education -- remain unprotected.

    "Why just the oil ministry?" Jaf asked. "Is it because they just want our oil?"

    Are we really that shallow as to spend so much time saying we don't just want oil and then we're letting history be destroyed just to get at oil?

    Antipixel has also linked to a story by The Ney York Times on this subject.

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