1. Watch le Tour

    brian on 2005.07.12 at 01:40 pm

    Hey, if you’re in the Boston area and have Comcast cable, they’ve added the Outdoor Life Network so that you can watch Le Tour De France. If you’re in Brookline, you’ll find it on channel 62.

    Side note: Dear OLN, why bother having the official American lTdF website if it is going to be so dreadfully slow? You attempts to style and brand the site is one of the reasons your site is so handicapped… you’re sucking bandwidth. Your costs are going up and readership down. I won’t wait a full minute for your site to load through my fast pipe. I’ll get my web coverage from the Tour Blog and ESPN’s Tour Tracker.

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  2. Bikes in the Wilderness

    brian on 2005.02.19 at 11:25 pm

    If you’re not up on US environmental law, you may be surprised to hear that although mountain bikes are allowed in the nation’s crown jewels of public lands, National Parks (albeit not on singletrack or hiking trails), mountain bikes are banned from national lands that are regarded as Wilderness.

    The short reason is that the current keepers of the wilderness, a number governing authorities including National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, anyone else… are currently interpreting the 1964 Wilderness Act where it says it prohibits “all forms of mechanical transport” as including human-powered bicycles.

    In the 60s there were no bicycles rugged enough to ride on non-maintained roads. The term “mechanized” meant powered by non-human, non-natural engines (a mechanized division in the Army would be a division of tanks and trucks, etc).

    However, it seems that now that there are bikes that can operate on the existing trails and roads, they are collateral damage in the protection of our nation’s wild lands.

    One man has written a legal brief on the situation and argues that it was the act’s original intent to allow bikes in the wilderness. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Mr. Stroll.

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