1. Reminiscing With The Final Fantasy Retrospective

    jake on 2007.08.07 at 04:51 pm

    When I saw an ad in Nintendo Power for the original Final Fantasy) I knew I had to have it. I called the local toy store every day for a week. Persistence allowed me to snag it before the intended release date.

    Pouring over the manual as my mom dragged me through the grocery store. Flipping through the pages over and over again on the drive home. I couldn’t wait to get the cartridge into my NES and start the journey.

    I stupidly let my early grab slip to my best friend and the following day he went to retrieve his copy. Over the next month we raced to defeat the game. Luckily for my adversary he didn’t need to spend a week at my grandmother’s. He beat me to the finale, coincidentally by a week. ;)

    Sadly in The States we missed out on many of the sequels initially. Regardless the series was a big hit for us old school RPG fans.

    Title Shot From Final Fantasy is running a retrospective that wonderfully captures the emotion of Final Fantasy. This post may be showing a bit too much of my geekiness but it’s hard to resist advertising such a fond look back. One that gives me goosebumps and a feeling of nostalgia when I watch it.

    I’ll keep adding to the list as they release more of the thirteen part series.

    1. Part I
    2. Part II
    3. Part III
    4. Part IV
    5. Part V
    6. Part VI
    7. Part VII
    8. Part VIII (HD)
    9. Part IX
    10. Part X
    11. Part XI
    12. Part XII
    13. Part XIII

    Final Update: The entire thirteen part series has concluded. It definitely brought back a lot of memories of experiencing these games growing up.

    Originally found at Joystiq

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