1. Tivoli Internet Radio

    brian on 2007.08.14 at 02:42 am

    We’ve been considering purchasing a Tivoli Model One table radio for our kitchen for a couple months now. We often listen to NPR in the morning as we get ready and I eat breakfast in the kitchen next to an old clock radio that we keep there. Amanda will often pop it on in the afternoon when she comes home from work, while she’s going through the mail or cleaning or what have you. We’ve been thinking that it would be a nice upgrade for us.

    Tivoli's Classy Model One Table Radio

    If you’re uninitiated, the Tivoli table radio is a famous little radio in the home electronics world. It’s intentionally quirky and of unusually high quality – both marks of its creator, Henry Kloss. The model one is Tivoli’s most popular product1 and is simply a mono (one speaker) AM/FM tuner. But it’s one speaker is rich, it’s hand-made quality, hardwood body encloses one of the world’s finest analog tuning circuits (MESFET), with an weighted analog dial for precisely tuning stations.

    The product sparked a renaissance in table radios, including the Bose Wave Radio and the Boston Acoustics Receptor. (Cool note: these are all Boston area companies)

    We were just about to purchase one when they announced a new version, one that incorporates Internet Radio via WiFi!

    Read more to find out the whole scoop!

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  2. More expensive Free software beats less expensive Microsoft bid?

    brian on 2003.07.18 at 01:11 am

    When does a free product cost more than one that's not free? Well, here's a fascinating account of the city of Munich's search for a new IT vendor. It basically spun down to this: Microsoft made an expensive bid, $36.6 million. IBM/SuSE (Linux) came in a with a more affordable bid of $35.7 million. None other than Steve Ballmer comes to town, and slashes Microsoft's bid an astonishing 35%, to $23.7 million, instantly. City council picks the IBM/Suse (Linux) option, although it cost more. Why?

    Though Microsoft underbid IBM and SuSE by $11.9 million in Munich, city officials were concerned about the unpredictable long-run cost of Microsoft upgrades, says Munich council member Christine Strobl, who championed the switch to Linux. And the more Microsoft discounted, the more it underscored the notion that as a sole supplier, Microsoft could -- and has been -- naming its own price, she says.

    ''Microsoft's philosophy is to change our software every five years,'' Strobl says. ''With open-source, it is possible for us to make our own decision as to when to change our software.''

    ...the offer from IBM-SuSE better met ''strategic'' criteria set forth by the Munich council

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  3. Linux and Movie Magic

    jake on 2003.07.10 at 07:11 pm

    Linux clusters have been taking over studio render farms for a while. Including being used in the new movie Sinbad. eweek has an article about the trend. I was amazed by the comments about what 64-bit computing does to the process...

    "DreamWorks had, for example, one sequence that took 24-hours to be rendered on a 32-bit system, but which took just 20 minutes on Itanium-based servers…"

    That's crazy!!

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  4. Playstation is serious work

    brian on 2003.05.24 at 11:03 pm

    Playstation is serious work... at least if you've wired 65 of them together in a cluster, using Linux, for scientific research. Click on for more.

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  5. Jhai Laotian Wireless Update

    brian on 2003.05.07 at 02:42 am

    Wired has published a follow up on the Jhai project we mentioned months back. The Jhai group has built a Linux (actually, Laonux- a Laotian language-based Linux build) powered, wireless connected computer designed to to be run on bicycle power in remote Laos. Unfortunately, the project has met some major set backs, but they are continuing on, and hope to have it running before June.

    "Jhai" is Laotian for "hearts and minds working together."

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  6. Build your own TiVo

    jake on 2003.04.16 at 02:32 pm

    Gizmodo has a link to an article at ExtremeTech anout building a media PC with linux. It's part one of a three part series. I will post when those go up too. It describes with detail building a small PC to broadcast; mp3's, pictures, and movies. It also includes a TiVo style interface which allows you to record live TV.

    I have been interested in building a machine like this for a couple months now. I don't have the dispensable cash to do it, but I plan on using a Shuttle SN41G2 to make mine. It'll run me a little more in the cost department, but would be smaller and has many integrated features.

    The software being used in the article is Freevo. Upon reading through the discussionwww.shuttle forums base on the article, I came across some more information. MythTV is an alternative to Freevo. Also TitanTV stores free program guides.

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  7. Nvidia updates software for Linux video drivers

    jake on 2003.03.31 at 01:32 pm

    cNet is reporting that Nvidia has new software that works with Linux to update video drivers.

    The new installation software detects relevant details about the system its running on and automatically installs the correct drivers. The goal is to make it as easy to keep a Linux installation up to date as a Windows-based PC, Fear said.

    This is great news for me, so far it works with only a few major brands including Mandrake, which is what I use on one of my machines at home. This machine is a Shuttle SN41G2.. Now I just need for the them to implement it for nForce2 also. Just to get the network and sound up I needed to play with a bunch of stuff after I installed Mandrake 9.0. It could have been a lot easier. ;)

    Update - Bjorn3D has some thoughts on this subject. (article)

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