1. Linux for you on a PDA

    jake on 2001.11.30
    at 12:25 pm

    Um, interface with OS X, please?

    Sharp's Linux powered PDA

    Oh, very sweet. Beyond just a sweet idea, the PDA has a slide-out cover which hides a very cool thumb keyboard, not unlike on the Blackberry. Now, since it's Linux (and only availible to developers currently, for $399) we can only hope a Cocoa developer will make an interface for us OS X heads. If this lives up to the potential, I'd consider saying "Bye-bye Visor."

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    jake on 2001.11.28
    at 02:09 am

    I've been busy with my interview and now I'm working on a CD for my old a cappella group.

    My next task for this blog is to create a comments section. Hopefully I'll feel motivated enough to accomplish this once the CD is out the door.

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  3. Make this place spiffy

    brian on 2001.11.21
    at 06:45 pm

    The dairy industry is simply out of control.

    So today I’m half working selling nuts and bolts, half handcoding, so that this website can get a pretty face to show the world. Oh the possibilities! Thanks, BBEdit for OS X…

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  4. Finished!

    jake on 2001.11.20
    at 11:26 pm

    Now what next?

    Well, after 6 CD's and a few weeks of squeezing in "training" time I have finished my ASP junk. I have now learned the basics of ASP 3.0 and using VB/Interdev/whatever.

    Now I can code in two scripting languages! :)

    Hopefully this will help me land the job I'm interviewing for next week. Otherwise I'll be out gettin' a part time job to stay off the hand of debt.

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  5. Word up from Beantown...

    brian on 2001.11.17
    at 09:05 pm

    From the Ministry of Remote Access.

    Greetings from chilly Boston

    So, I checked my email, and got into the website. In news, last night I was in Boston’s north end, the Italian section, and down the street was a sweet stretched ‘57 Chevy limo.

    That’s all for now. Say goodnight, Alice…

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  6. First Post

    jake on 2001.11.16
    at 12:23 am

    congrats to us!

    Well after some work, and a lot of patience we have the first, very basic, version of our blog. It is built on a modular base with PHP. It uses the local MySQL database and in the future we hope to archive all of our information in XML files, to keep the database clean and easy to manage.

    Welcome, and I'm sure you'll get a post from my compadre Brian soon…

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