1. Weblogs in Primetime

    brian on 2003.04.02
    at 01:17 am

    Tonight's "Judging Amy" (10pm Tues. CBS) features one of its characters (Donna) writing for her weblog. It had 76 readers. I think that's more than we have here. If you're out there, drop us a line. (Hey, we have comments, you know?)

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  2. The Rainforest Site

    brian on 2003.04.01
    at 09:56 pm

    While visiting the Breast Cancer Site (see previous), I noticed it had a sister site, The Rainforest Site. Everyone has their pet cause, and mine is the environment. I was happy to see this, and I was proud to see the site was built with WebObjects.

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  3. Indefinite Detainment

    brian on 2003.04.01
    at 07:45 pm

    The Patriot Act is downright frightening. Here's an excellent example of why. A well known employee of Intel, Mike Hawash, was detained by federal authorities on March 20th 2003 and is held in solitary confinement in an Oregon Federal prison without a charge. His home, which was occupied by his wife and three children, was stormed by uniformed and armored FBI agents carrying assault rifles.

    Apparently Mike's only crime is being born in the territory of Palestine. Mike's been a US citizen for 14 years and wife is US-born, along with their children. I hope I don't look at an FBI agent the wrong way, or I could be next. Show your support for Mike and check out this website, dedicated to his plight.

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  4. The Breast Cancer Site

    jake on 2003.04.01
    at 07:36 pm

    A buddy of mine sent me an email last night about The Breast Cancer Site. I go to this site everyday in my daily routine, so I figured I should put out the message to the masses (without sending a mass email.)

    If detected early, the five-year survival rate exceeds 95%. Mammograms are among the best early detection methods, yet 13 million women in the U.S. are 40 years old or older and have never had a mammogram.

    This site is part of a group of web sites. I started by going to The Hunger Site a couple years ago. In fact I own a t-shirt I bought from there. Go to these sites and just click the button. It's free and you can help others with the carpal tunnel inducing action.

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  5. Nvidia and Dolby present audio validation program

    jake on 2003.04.01
    at 01:11 pm

    To add to all the great features my Shuttle XPC includes, now it has one of three (currently) nForce2 based motherboards that meets this new standard.

    Press Release

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  6. More mini PC stuff...

    jake on 2003.04.01
    at 12:52 pm

    TweakTown has a review of my Shuttle beauty. They gave it a 10 out of 10. For the most part I agree, only I think they should add in Serial ATA suport. That's about all I would need to make it a 10 in my book.

    Iwill has a new mini PC (also) too, which is reviewed over at Hardware Analysis. This unit is cheaper, but it is also a lot less powerful. The Shuttle can handle a lot more with its intergrated parts than the Iwill. Which more than makes up for the P4 3GHz in the Iwill. But that's just my opinion... ;)

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