1. Human Genome Map Completed

    jake on 2003.04.15
    at 07:26 pm

    Wired reports that the human genome map has been finished two years ahead of expectations. This has many benefits for science. The draft released three years ago has already helped the community.

    "We put out the draft sequence as a way of getting it out to scientists as quickly as we could. It gives them something to work with and get going, but the aim was always to generate a reference sequence for the human genome," said Dr Jane Rogers, head of sequencing at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

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  2. Baghdad: looters destroy priceless art

    jake on 2003.04.15
    at 07:10 pm

    I noticed in the Sunday paper an article from the Washington Post. The main topic of the article describes looters destroying priceless artifacts. Stealing and demolishing pieces of history that were saved from the many bombs going off around Baghdad.

    "This was priceless," she sobbed as she pointed to two seated marble deities from the temple at Harta that had been defaced with a hammer. Later, after observing more damage, she broke down again. "It feels like all my family has died," she wept.

    It is very sad that the troops are having trouble keeping the peace. However, the article also points out that with troops being scattered around a lot seem to be hovering around the Oil Ministry.

    Some Iraqis, however, question the allocation of U.S. forces around the capital. They note a whole company of Marines, along with at least a half-dozen amphibious assault vehicles, has been assigned to guard the Oil Ministry, while many other ministries -- including trade, information, planning, health and education -- remain unprotected.

    "Why just the oil ministry?" Jaf asked. "Is it because they just want our oil?"

    Are we really that shallow as to spend so much time saying we don't just want oil and then we're letting history be destroyed just to get at oil?

    Antipixel has also linked to a story by The Ney York Times on this subject.

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  3. Phoenix and Minotaur have new names.

    jake on 2003.04.15
    at 06:05 pm

    Blogzilla posted that Phoenix and Minotaur have new names. (from mozillaZine)

    They are Firebird and Thunderbird respectively. I'm not sure where they got these. Personally I really liked Minotaur. I wish they went along the same line of naming. Even just renaming Phoenix to Mozilla would have been fine by me.

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  4. Mac using IAs rejoice!

    brian on 2003.04.15
    at 02:00 pm

    Yes, folks, the number one requested feature for Mac-using IAs has arrived: the new OmniGraffle 3.0 Pro released today, imports Visio: "Import and export Microsoft Visio® XML files seamlessly with OmniGraffle Professional."


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  5. Safari's All New

    brian on 2003.04.15
    at 03:35 am

    Apple Safari 1.0 (Beta 2) is out today, which is great for this weblog. Why? Because it makes our website pleasant on the eyes once again. For the longest time, Safari botched our standards-compliant layout, due to a bug in its KHTML layout engine, dubbed "WebCore" by Apple. Now, it's mostly fixed. Safari also rolled out the much awaited tabbed browsing feature. Now if only Safari implements tabbed page controls like Camino, where URLs send from other applications are opened in new tabs in one window, I will be in browser heaven.

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  6. WorkFi

    brian on 2003.04.15
    at 03:29 am

    Wired again with the WiFi. This time its about how it can change the way we work.

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